Friday, December 10, 2010

Sophie Munns: Honorary Iowan

Eucalyptus seed capsule
This post is in honor of Sophie Munns and her beautiful work.  
When I say this,  I mean all of it.  

It starts with something as big as infinity 
and works down to the smallest of things.   
The humble seed.

Macro/ Micro.

'and the world was made fruitful'

Sophie is someone who truly understands how interconnected we are...
That we are not only a species unto ourselves but, how 
we are connected to our environment, and our world.  
Everything is a metaphor for life.

'and the world became bright'
Sophie operates in a bigger world than just the land of art.  
There is an understanding of interrelatedness between the life of the artist, 
the scientist, the farmer, the chef, the eater, 
the poet, the student, and on and on.

'archaic, yet reverberating still'
Please join me in congratulating Sophie on the completion of her artist residency at the Brisbane Botanical Gardens.  You can go to both of her blogs Homage to the Seed-Generator of Life, and Sophie Munns Visual Artist to read about the residency project and get a much fuller understanding of her work.

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  1. Thank you Mary for a delightfully succinct and eloquent post that feels, to me, to have captured something true thats aimed for in the work. This is a precious gift of another's seeing for which I am indeed grateful!


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